Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden at the Musician ( Leicester Comedy Festival)

Barry Cryer has become a cult figure among young people, but he is best known for writing for the UK’s most loved comedians, including Tommy Cooper and Morecambe and Wise.

The 75-year-old Cryer teamed up with 60-year-old Ronnie Golden ( formerly of 1970s band Fabulous Poodles) for a musical comedy show.

The venue was packed, expectations were high and we weren’t disappointed.

With guitars and ukulele at hand, the show consisted of one liners and jokes interwoven with comedy songs.

The songs covered topics such as Stannah stairlifts and John Prescott and showcased new genres from funk folk to yodelling Nazi.

The duo’s age (135) only adds to their expertise, enhancing their performance.

They are as surreal as any younger comedian, as Ronnie’s transformation from Robert De Niro to chicken proved.

There was no need to have had any previous knowledge of their work as their appeal really is for the masses and their performances as sharp and honed as you would expect from such seasoned professionals. A brilliantly current and funny evening.