Louis CK is a God!

With the second series of his show ‘Louie’ about to start in the US I just want to tell you how great this guy is and why you should worship him!

He’s mates with Gervais but Louis CK is a provocative stand up in his own right. This New York stand up says what you shouldn’t but wish you did!

His views on fatherhood say the unthinkable and very funny, ‘I do have a favourite’ and this is just the start of many views that sensitive ears may want to avoid. But avoid at your loss.

As a comedy fan you can’t ignore this man, he is inciteful, intelligent, impolite, and intoxicating. If he doesn’t get you on his first narrative he never will, as he packs a hefty comedy punch from the get go, and he is never going to hold back those punches.

Covering topics from ‘the N word’ to women, sex, youth, technology and his middle aged spread, he really does bare all.

His candid style comes from years of honing his craft on the comedy circuit and writing for others such as ‘The Chris Rock Show’, for which he won an Emmy ,as well as for film and other American institutions such as ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’

Although he has had huge success writing, and even movie acting, it’s on the stage where he belongs. His TV show ‘Louie’ is the closest you get to this man’s brain without seeing him live, as he gets to deconstruct his jokes in reconstructions, flashbacks and mockumentary styles.

If you get a chance to see him live take it as he demonstrates real and true comedy talent with brutal honesty.