You Instead – Interview with Natalia Tena and Luke Treadaway

Natalia Tena and Luke Teadaway have impressive CV’s. Natalia starred in the Harry Potter movies, and currently in HBO’s/Sky Atlantic’s Game of Thrones, and Luke starred in the recent hit film from Joe Cornish, Attack The Block.


Natalia described their new film You Instead,


Its about a festival T in the park, and there’s these 2 lead singers of 2 groups who have nothing to do with each other in fact they pretty much hate each other..they get handcuffed together and have to deal with being handcuffed for 48 hours and all that comes with it.”

The idea of being permanently handcuffed to someone during a festival is more than challenging especially when you are making a film, Luke said


“We were occasionally uncuffed during the day but there was so little time between each scene as we had to make the whole film in 4 and half days at the festival ..we were pretty much on camera for 18 hours a day.”


However neither was put off by the concept, in fact the total opposite was true, Natalia immediately felt,


“Mine mine I want it!”


and Luke said


“When I first met David he said that this was an experiment to see if we could make a film in 4 and a half days and I wanted to be a part of that experience and get to play the front man of a massive American rock band and play the NME stage at T in the Park!”

Natalia is no stranger to festivals as she regularly performs with her band Molotov Jukebox  and returned to T In The Park this year to perform with the band.

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