Silo Cinema – 6 April 2012

Every Friday night over the Summer Auckland waterfront’s newly created Silo Park, in the Wynyard Quarter, turns outdoor cinema.

Last night the park was buzzing with folks of all ages enjoying this great free event.





There is yummy food on offer as well as a licensed bar. You can also browse some retro fashion and other  goodies in the Night Market which run from 5pm – midnight. There are some great sounds coming from the DJ’s too to accompany your browsing.

This weeks film to be projected on to the giant Silo, was the critically acclaimed Banksy film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’.

It was a beautiful Good Friday evening and the fine weather meant it was busy but we were still able to find a great spot to lay our blanket and cosy up for the film.

I had seen the film before but I always love watching films again as you notice and appreciate different things with each viewing. If you haven’t seen ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ it is a great journey in to the world of street art and of its unlikely star, Thierry Guetta, who through his filming compulsion, street art obsession and ultimate bad film making resulted in Banksy directing his first feature film making Thierry the star. It’s an amazing journey and very funny too, so a great social film to watch and suited this relaxed environment perfectly.

I has such a lovely evening and will definately come to to this again (weather permitting).

For more info go to the Silo Park website.