Jason Byrne People’s Puppeteer at Q Theatre – Review

Where do I even start talking about last night’s Jason Byrne stand up show People’s Puppeteer at the Q Theatre in Auckland .

It was a chaotic, rampant laughter fest which fell in to disarray and resulted in pure comedic genius and aching sides.

Entering the stage as a huge puppeteer Jason Byrne proceeded to  Irish dance across the stage as the merry crowd wooped, cheered and clapped almost all the way through!

I don’t think I have ever been to a comedy show when I wasn’t sure what just happened, almost an hour and a half passed where I laughed from start to finish at various absurdities, the likes of which New Zealand was seeing for the first time.

The aptly titled show People’s Pupperteer saw the Irish comedian man handle some of his fellow Irishman and use three audience members as a human xylophone ( I won’t tell you where his struck his batons!).

He interacted and joked with his audience who became part of the show both on and off the stage. What Jason found particularly peculiar during this inaugural New Zealand performance was to be  asked to share his drink with a thirsty audience member for the first time in his performing career.

He was grunted and moaned at by various nationalities and appeared truly mystified  at the apparent inability of an Irishman to communicate with Kiwi after various miscommunication and what he called the ‘unnecessary’ noises that came out the people’s mouths.

The breaking point at which he may of thought we were all playing a joke on him was the when a man shouts out ‘Umbrella’ believing it to be slang for condoms.

Through all this he does manage to also tell some hilarious and raw anecdotes covering such personal topics as an ‘itchy bum’ and having sex while wearing an eye patch. He  jumps and leaps about the stage often laughing and giggling at his own crazy creations.

He is an infectious force with provocative material and an innate ability to puppeteer his audience like no comedian I have ever seen.

Jason Byrne is performing as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival at the Q Theatre until 5 May.

BOOKINGS: 093099772