KAHA – Atamira Dance Company – Q Theatre

Just over an hour of powerful ideas, movement, sounds and bodies graced the stage of Rangatira, Q Theatre last night.

The winter solstice and Maori New Year, Matariki, set the perfect time for the Atamira Dance Company to showcase, KAHA Short Works 2012.

This varied programme features both new works and old favourites in a show intended to share the strength and diversity of these admirable dancers.

During the eight performances the audience is taken through an emotional and cultural journey, introduced by artistic director Moss Patterson.

Moss’s genuine passion, warmth and love for this art shines through in his performance, choreography and introductions. He really creates the community and spiritual feel that sets this show apart.

From a powerful opening Haka to the playful Poi E Thriller, this is New Zealand contemporary dance at it’s most innovative. Strong imagery and costume design really added to the atmosphere and execution of the individual pieces. The stage seemed vast as you were transported from one scene to another through many emerging personalities.

For those who are not that accustomed to this type of performance in contemporary dance there are some more challenging pieces, but it’s not intimidating and the nature and ethos of this company should clear any apprehensions.

Judging from the reactions on the night the audience were thrilled and moved by this programme which plays at Q Theatre until the 23 June.

KAHA is a fantastic celebration of Maori culture as well as a verifiable demonstration of New Zealand’s world class creativity and choreography in contemporary dance.

Atamira dance company should be proud of these works!

Further performances during Matariki are listed here.

Thanks to Elephant Publicity!