Keeping Up With Interview – Eddie Numbers


This week  we have been Keeping Up With Auckland based Hip Hop group Eddie Numbers.We have been fans ever since seeing them live in February, which we wrote about here. Ingrid spoke to Eddie Mahon, MC, ahead of their video release party on the 28 July for the track Never Rap Again.

Photo credit Oscar The Grouch

So what can you tell us about your new video?

” I can tell you that it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Andy Day , The Cut Press and Jack Riddell. Just like all our videos it was without any funding help so thank you to the people I just mentioned for making it happen. In terms of the storyline I don’t want to give to much away so come to the release party 28 July and be the first to see it.”

Is this the first single from your album?

“I guess so but I wouldn’t really call it a single, we just wanted to make a music video for this particular song. I have a lot of respect for the DJ’s and stations that play our music they don’t need to be told which song to play. Also we were intent on people respecting this record as an album so when talking to stations we gave them the album and basically said play what fits.”

What inspires you to write music?

“My surroundings are what inspire me and my life is where I get my lyrics from.”

If there are any poor souls out there who don’t know you guys can you tell our readers who are Eddie Numbers and what are they about?

“Eddie Numbers are a 5 piece Alternative Hip Hop band, members being myself Eddie or Edgar to my mum , Tyla Pere , Regal , Baz and Ben Healey on Guitar. We are five totally different people from totally different backgrounds I can only speak for myself so perhaps the below video would answer this question best.”

 Other than your own what is your favourite album of 2012 so far?

“That is a hard question, but today my favourite album released in 2012 is Frank Ocean – Channel Orange.”

 It’s been an exciting year for you so far in 2012 but what’s next for Eddie Numbers?

“We are currently recording our Next EP ‘Numbers Game’ which will be released later this year.”

Now that we know each other a little better I thought it was time to bring out the big guns, those hard hitting, probing  journalistic questions,  starting with…

From 1 – 100 what’s your favourite number?

” 5 but I also like numbers 11 , 15 and 87.. Don’t ask why hahah!”

Not including yourself who’s your favourite Eddie?

“Eddie Murphy because of the Delirious and Raw era.”

Who would you rather have a drink with Kim Kardashian or Kim Dot Com?

“Kim Kardashian I guess, but it would be her shout! I’d really rather just drink with my mates than either of them. ”

Thanks so much to Eddie Numbers for this interview and if you want to be one of the first to see the new video then get your sexy asses down to the Eddie Numbers Never Rap Again video release party!

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