The Dark Knight Rises – Review

Following the events of this weekend our thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.

The most anticipated film for us this year is finally here and we couldn’t wait to adjust our eyes up to IMAX mode!

The final film in Nolan’s trilogy occurs eight years after the events of the The Dark Knight.  Bruce Wayne has beco    me a recluse, Batman is branded a murderer and Harvey Dent a hero.

The film ties in to the previous two bringing the story full circle, with the league of Shadows being a key factor.

Tom Hardy’s terrifying marsked brute Bane is an imposing screen figure who, like so many evil nemesis, seem all powerful and unbeatable.  Hardy’s performancie relies on huge physicality and an intimidating and  threatening posture. He carries this off perfectly instantly creating a new iconic screen bad guy. He is the perfect villainous swan song  for this Batman finale.

Then there’s Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, a superb thief with an even more superb outfit. Her character is great to watch and has some fun interactions with Batman.  Overall I enjoyed her character and was pleased to see that she was based heavily on Frank Miller’s incarnation of Catwoman from the graphic novel Batman Year One.

Another new character, John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, brings youth, passion and a inquisitive nature to his role as a cop. Along with  a close understanding of Bruce’s life story he is able to bring back the optimism and energy once honed by Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

Gary Oldman, as Commissioner Gordon, steers  his new protege through this complex journey while dealing with his own inner conflicts following on from the previous films.

The film itself is working hard to be more than just another superhero movie, and in fact more than just a Batman movie. The film contains the opportunity for  introspection for all of its characters. It succeeds in bringing the trilogy together and is visually spectacular with gadgets to make James Bond jealous!

Christopher Nolan has reinvented the comic book genre leaving a generation with a whole new expectation of entertainment. His preference for filming in IMAX format is used to full effect showing some breathtaking cinematic scenes. He has managed to create a tense, exciting finale cleverly directed to be available to both adult and younger audiences without losing any intelligence.

Christian Bale should be proud to hang up his cape after his  concluding outing as the Batman. His emotion and intensity have brought this character to a whole new dimension and Bruce Wayne’s sadness and loneliness is key to his performance here. His emotional torment is what has driven his character and his bond with those around him result in difficult choices.

Michael Caine returns as father figure Alfred and equally has his time to shine through various emotional monologues. As always, a pleasure to watch, this  grounding influence on Bruce’s life goes through his own poignant journey.

Although we absolutely loved this film and will no doubt be watching it umpteen times in the future there are a few issues mainly around sound. Banes low muffled tones through a mask and Batman’s husky drawl can mean lost dialogue at times but not to worry you won’t lose the plot it’s more of a minor annoyance!

This is the kind of film cinema is made for and is not one to be missed. We recommend viewing the first two of the trilogy pre watching the finale to get fully in to the Batman Zone.




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