In the future where time travel is illegal it’s only used by the criminal underworld. When the Mob wish to ‘dispose’ of someone the target is simply zapped back 30 years and taken care of by a hit man known as a ‘Looper’.

In 2042 time travel hasn’t been invented yet. Joe is a Looper, the hired gun.  Joe’s job is simple; kill the target, dispose of the body and collect payment.

Living the high life in a down trodden world things take a turn for the worse for the lives of Loopers when a ‘new boss’ begins to ‘close loops’. When Joe is confronted by his future self a bizarre game of cat and mouse ensues between both past and future.

This action packed sci-fi adventure sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Joe, the Looper, and Bruce Willis plays his future self. This story resonates with some classic sci-fi. The Terminator series feels particularly relevant, sharing both the apocalyptic and time travelling narratives but here we have a slicker ultra stylish movie for 2012.

With wepons that look like they could be as at home in a western as in the future, there is certainly no shortage of gun slinging here.

There is some great character chemistry between the two Joes, Willis and Gordon-Levitt, and more than a wink towards Bruce’s action man reputation.  Gordon- Levitt also does a great job adopting the characteristics of the younger Willis and perfecting his trademark squint

This is of course a violent and bloody film but with substance and huge chunks of entertainment and a few laughs too.

Emily Blunt plays Sara, a tough women used to protecting her property from vagrants. Blunt gives a great performance and shares some awe gasping action sequences with on screen son Cid, Pierce Gagnon. However Pierce really steals the show managing to be both terrifying and adorable within a blink of an eye.

What really puts this film above the rest, on top of the excellent cast, is it’s sleek and stylish look which it achieved without loosing any of it’s grit.

This sci-fi action thriller is a cool, dark anti-hero story that packs as strong a punch as it’s protagonist’s blunderbuss!

118 mins R16

Director: Rian Johnson

Writer: Rian Johnson

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Pierce Gagnon and Emily Blunt