The Hackman Theatre Awards 2012

Earlier this week, the magical Wintergarden at the Civic played host to the annual Hackman Theatre Awards.  In its fourth year, this event presented in association with STAMP at The EDGE celebrates the industry by poking fun at our key players and looking back at the highs and lows of the theatrical year.

The dress theme was “1990s – The Golden Years” so it was a flurry of colour, denim and pop icons as everyone in the Auckland theatre community arrived in their 90s best.  The evening’s very apt playlist brought me back to my teenage years and what better way to kick the night off with a bunch of Sister Act nuns singing Oh, Maria?

It was truly a fun and fabulous evening of revisiting and reflecting on the year’s theatrical productions.  Hosts Nic Sampson and Joseph Moore did an excellent job keeping the crowd entertained from a hilarious group number with Jennifer Ward-Lealand to getting the local drama schools’ competitive juices flowing with the inaugural “Act Off”.

It may not have the prestige and “official status” of the Oscars or the Grammys but I thought it represented the theatre community perfectly and Aucklanders in general.  I thoroughly enjoyed the laughs, the mayhem and elements of satire that were generously peppered throughout the night.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and to everyone that made the Hackmans possible.  Bring on 2013!

The hosts of The Hackman’s Nic Sampson and Joseph Moore

The AUCKLAND ACTORS Award for Best Entrance of the Year
Sam Snedden – The Pride (The Nazi) [WINNER]
Yael Gevenzky – Nuclear Family
The Basement Toilets – No longer making the bar smell like Urine.
Black Confetti – Various Trap-door entrances and exits
The Magic Chicken – Trygve Wakenshaw

The ELEPHANT PUBLICITY Award for Best Poster of the Year

The Heart’s Path – Jessica Sanderson [WINNER]
Ross Liew – Terror Island
Private Lives “the boob” – Silo Theatre
Black Confetti – ATC

The Armstrong Creative Award for Best Technical F**k up of the Year

Jen Lal – for being amazing
The potting mix incident – Death of a Salesman
Gunshot going off too early – Punk Rock
The bed that wouldn’t slot back into the set, and then later clonked, the lead actor on the head – Bucket Boy  [WINNER]

The SOUTH PACIFIC PICTURES Award for Best Break Up of the Year
Simon Kane and Bruce Philips – Copenhagen
Geraldine Brophy and George Henare – Awatea [WINNER]
Simon London and Kip Chapman – The Pride

The ELIZABETH WHITING Award for Best Costume of the Year

The Lobster in Love It Up – Lara Fischel-Chisholm
Rima Te Wiata’s Plant Voice T-shirt in Little Shop of Horrors
All the Food in the Pantry Shelf  [WINNER]

The APRA Award for Best Singing in a Play

Colleen Davis – Little Shop of Horrors [WINNER]
Michelle Blundell – Eigengrau
The Cast of BREL – BREL
Ryan Richards – Bombs Away

The ROBERT BRUCE AGENCY Award for the best director of a gay play starring Kip Chapman, Simon London, Dena Kennedy and Sam Snedden
Sophie Roberts – The Pride [WINNER]

The Playmarket Award for Best Line in a Kiwi Play
“I can’t die yet I’m only up to season three of The Wire” – Eli Kent, Black Confetti
“Fuck you New Zealand” – Jamie McCaskill, Manawa [WINNER]
“33 the same age as Jesus was when he was 33” – Stephen Papps, Third Person Tense

The GAIL COWAN MANAGEMENT Award for Best Actress/Actor Playing a Character with a Disability/Medical Condition of the Year

Leon Wadham – Tribes
Yvette Parsons – Silent Night [WINNER]
Sophie Hambleton – both characters in Top Girls
Renee Lyons – Nick
John Goudge – Mrs Van Gogh

The AUCKLAND THEATRE COMPANY Award for Best Special Effect of the Year

Snow Machine in everything Celery Productions did
Hand opening projected body-bag – Black Confetti, ATC
The Vibrator (“It seemed so real!”) – The Vibrator Play, ATC
The Projector – Alice, The Outfit [WINNER]

The NZ DANCE COMPANY Award for Best Dancing in a Play

Mia Blake – Private Lives
Dynamotion – Terror Island [WINNER]
The Cast of Bombs Away

The JOHNSON AND LAIRD MANAGEMENT Award for Best Cross Gender Acting of the Year

Shipal Lesi – A Frigate Bird Sings
Andrea Kelland – Speak Easy
Joseph Moore as “Wife” – Bombs Away
Renee Lyons – Nick [WINNER]

The HACKMAN Award for Best Unlucky in Love Character of the Year

The Cast – Eigengrau
Thomas Sainsbury as Tom – Yeti is Dead/I am Tom [WINNER]
Leon Wadham – Tribes
Simon London – The Pride

The SILO THEATRE Award for Best Ensemble Acting of the Year

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later – The Moving Theatre Company
Brave – Massive Theatre Company [WINNER]
The Pride – Silo Theatre
Michael Hurst – Bards Days Night

The THEATREVIEW Award for Best Review Quote of the Year

“I’m being blinded by the light reflecting off the nipple tassles” – Sarah Idle, Gather and Hunt (The Wunderbar Spectacular)
“The quick pit stop at the Ladies was almost a revelation. Everything was pristine clean and fresh as a daisy.  The usher was sweet and the theatre, to be frank, the most pleasant surprise I’ve had in a performance space for a long time. There was no hint of the old dust and grime; the smell of fresh paint sat lightly in the air, the walls were gleaming from a spanking new paint job and the whole place looked delightfully revamped.” – Lexie Matheson, Theatreview (Eigengrau) [WINNER]
“I can’t say I slept very well, being a man of above average height, having to curl myself to fit.” – James Wenley, Theatre Scenes (Sleepover)

The Nic and Joe Award for Best Self-Promotion in the Hackman Theatre Award forums
The Outfit (“not so much this year”)
The Big Rethink [WINNER]
Everyone who voted for themselves

The KATHRYN RAWLINGS AND ASSOCIATES Award for best Nudity on Stage

“The Boob” Poster for Private Lives – Silo Theatre [WINNER]
The Cast of The Sex Show – The Outfit
Kip Chapman for everything he was in
The Vibrator Play – Anna Jullien and Adam Gardiner

The JAMES WALLACE ARTS TRUST AWARD for the fastest pack in/pack out by a production team of the Year

The Sex Show – Brad Gledhill and Co.
Nuclear Family – Ruby Reihana-Wilson and Co.
The Big Rethink Team
Ruby Reihana-Wilson for every show she’s done this year [WINNER]

The AUCKLAND ARTS FESTIVAL Award for Most Original Production of the Year

Tiny Spectacle / Shitty Lyricism
Little Histories of the Life Ordinary
Black Confetti


The STAMP at The EDGE Best Newcomer Awards

Best Newcomer Stage Manager of the YearStacey Donaldson

Best Newcomer Producer Award of the YearCelery Productions

Best Newcomer Marketing Manager of the YearTim Blake

Best Newcomer All-Rounder of the Year Nisha Madhan

Best Newcomer Actor of the YearJordan Mooney