Velcro City – Auckland Fringe Festival

Eli Matthewson and Hamish Parkinson fasten together once again to bring their decent, and yet, indecent, style of humour to Auckland’s Fringe Festival.
These two are the adept comic duo behind Square Eye Pair, a play which won best comedy act at Auckland Fringe Festival in 2011.

In 2012 the two went on to create Velcro City, which again took out the top comedy prize.

The shows innovative aspects – in particular its use of boundary blending costumes and props – fit neatly within the Fringe Festivals sensibilities, which makes Velcro City the perfect quirky gem to be encore’d back the festival.

Velco City, playing at Basement Theatre, is a nonsensical tale, which follows the lives of a diverse, yet cliché range of characters whose paths cross while going about their everyday lives within a fictional New Zealand City.

Mathewson and Parkinson prove they are masters of brewing an ordinary scenario, and from it, extracting grave and engrossing themes.

Velcro City’s follies are neatly underpinned by such issues as unrequited love, political unrest and veganism.

With speed, over a dozen, lo-fi,  felt tip drawn characters – each facing their own comic trial – are snapped on and off of the two actors velcro onesies.

These quick changes are often surprising, and the creative detail of one particular charter is delightfully engrossing.

Although one scene was skipped over and lost in the hype of the play, this subversive tribute to a communities trials and tribulations is heartwarmingly acted, and wholeheartedly received. A recommended must see but unfortunately the current run in Auckland is over so we really hope to see them return with this show again in 2013!!