FanFiction Comedy – Review


Retuning to the NZ International Comedy Festival is the popular FanFiction Comedy. They will perform every weekend at the Classic during the next three weeks.

The Classic was packed  for the first show. The MC Joseph Harper briefly introduced the concept. Fan Fiction is when a fan of TV, Film, Comics etc write their own  stories inspired or based on the existing characters. FanFiction Comedy features comedians writing their own Fan Fiction and reading them out to the audience.

This show features regulars Heidi O’Loughlin, Joseph Moore, Jamie Adam plus guests. Presented by MC Joseph Harper and commentator Steven Boyce, they discuss the validity and construct of the stories told .  The guests on this show were Tom Gleeson and Dai Henwood.

The structure of the  show worked well once the pace got going but I found the introduction rather slow. At the beginning it felt a bit like watching a rehearsal.

However once we got in the swing of things it was fun and I wanted to hear more. Each person get’s up in turn and reads their own Fan Fiction piece. I really enjoyed Stephen who was the on stage commentator. Following each story after it was read he was quick witted and had some great commentary to add to these funny prose along with his banter with Joseph Harper.

A entertaining geeky adventure  from  Heidi O’Loughlin let us hear the origin story of Nokia’s ‘Snake’.

Dai Henwood’s ‘We’re not all Angry Birds’ was brilliantly written and perfectly delivered. I loved Joseph Moore’s ‘Les Misérables’ story complete with Oscar winning song!

The highlight though was guest Tom Gleeson’s alternative universe in a world where Yoko Ono took the bullet.

A fun show full of creativity, sillyness and improvisation. A must see festival experience.

Fan Fiction will be at The Classic Comedy Club;

Saturday 4th May
Special guests Chris Martin (UK) and Josie Long (UK)

Saturday 11th May
Special guests TBA

Saturday 18th May
Special guests Ben Hurley and TBA