Stephen K Amos – The Spokesman – Review


Stephen K Amos returns to New Zealand as The Spokesman, albeit a reluctant one. His new stand-up show has this theme, but it’s one that he only loosely sticks to. He spends time getting to know his audience and warms up the laughs as he goes. He takes no prisoners and can handle anything thrown his way from the crowd.

Following his fleeting comment on his sexuality at a gig a few years ago, the British media thought he would make a great spokesman for gay rights. His reluctant title of spokesman makes for some of the material in the show as he argues why he shouldn’t be one. He reflected on life, family and role models. He also talks of age, crises, fears and zorbing!

He is the master of his stage with his laid back style. Flexing the kind of confidence that only comes with 20 years in the comedy business.

His act includes wonderful audience interaction that really make you part of the show. His ability to weave these in and out of his material is second to none. A world class act for a reason.

The Spokesman is Amos just doing what he does best. Reaching his audience and making them laugh. He may not want to be one but he can be a spokesman for comedy at least!