Terry Williams – The Grin Reaper – Review


It is early in the piece for the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival and I was at the Brooklyn Lounge and Bar to see author/speaker/trainer and comedian Terry Williams perform his show ‘The Grin Reaper’.

Maybe someone like Terry Williams is the missionary of the 21st Century? If my cross-over, composite of people imagination skills are accurate then I have witnessed something between the motivational chops of Anthony “Tony” Robbins and the cool of someone, say…Vanilla Ice maybe?

I only say Vanilla Ice because he, like Terry, is funky (and he describes himself as ‘somewhat vanilla’). Apologies  Terry is not funky, in fact according to Terry NZ is not rated at all for its funkiness. This is a theme in which he operates healthily as he pokes fun at the idiosyncrasies’ of small and big town NZ, Auckland drivers and a McDonald’s ex-wife combo.

From the start Terry Williams had me off guard and imaging my 40th  birthday while he introduced his unique brand of comedy that seeks to inspire as well as entertain. Terry’s routine is for those who have had, just had, are in, or expecting a mid-life crisis.

Terry’s rhetoric provokes reflection and provides wisdom among some well woven tales that include some sporting references to kiwi culture (or lack of) but is not for those that seek a more hedonistic or lewd approach. The material is suited for a family audience that can appreciate a piss take across the entire clan; from the savvy ignorance of teenagers to his granddad screaming fellatio at focaccia bread- and it would pay to know your tahini from your Wahine disaster.

Terry Williams – The Grin Reaper is at Brooklyn Bar until – Sat 4 May, 7pm as part of NZ International Comedy Festival.

For more information on Terry Williams visit http://www.thegrinreaper.co.nz/.