James Acaster – Review


James Acaster is an unassuming looking guy but don’t be fooled by his meek appearance. He is totally sharp in both his delivery and ownership of his performance.

Acaster is able, through his perfect pace and timing, to bring together a story while seamlessly examining every nook and cranny of it. He is totally in control.

After only a few minutes on stage a lady in the audience is heard saying ‘genius’ after one of his jokes. This early assessment isn’t wrong.

His set evokes full belly laughs and a rolling titter around the room throughout the hour show. His examinations of seemingly simple situations are original and become beautifully crafted jokes.

From a love of Mariachi music to what split up The Beatles, Acaster transforms a story with his unique comedy mind to produce the perfect gag.

He really is a pleasure to watch. James Acaster’s set is full of clever and excellently delivered comedic prose where he looks at the normal and makes it absurd.

There’s no two ways about it. He’s just brilliant.

James is at The Classic every night from 7pm until 18 May but many nights have already sold out.

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