NZ International Comedy Festival Picks – Week 3

It’s the final week of the festival so if you still haven’t seen a show where have you been?? There is a great line up for the final week and still so much to see.

Here are our picks for week three.

A favourite at this years Gala, James Acaster is bound to sell out so get in quick to The Classic, 7pm every night this week.

The Big Show is hosted by Mickey D (AUS) and features the very best of British stand-up comedy at this year’s Festival including; Stuart Goldsmith, Andrew Bird, James Acaster and Markus Birdman. See it every night at the Comedy Chamber 8.45pm.

The Boy With Tape On His Face returns with More Tape. This hugely popular performer is a true delight and if you have never seen his full show then this is a must see! More Tape is at Q Theatre 7pm until 18 May.

Jarred Christmas is another returning Kiwi who brigs his show Let’s Go MoFo! to the Loft at Q Theatre every night at 8.45pm.

For something a little different check out the Cornish rappers Hedluv + Passman at Cassette Nine Thu 16 – Sat 18 May at 9:30pm

This week is also all about the Billy T’s as all five nominees have their shows in Auckland this week ahead of the Last Laughs where the winner will be towelled. Check these shows this week until Saturday.

Joseph Moore, Dope Ass Jokes is at The Classic Studio at 8.45pm

Rose Matafeo, The Rose Matafeo Variety Hour is on at 7pm at The Basement Theatre.

Eli Matthewson, Proposition: Great! is at Basement Theatre at 7.15pm

Tom Furniss, The Diary of Gordon Leaf-Cooper is on at Basement Theatre at 8.45pm.

Pax, Pax’s Magic Carpet Ride is at  Brooklyn Bar & Lounge at 7pm

So go on for one more week laugh yourself silly!

Get to know the nominees a little better in our podcast.