Joseph Moore – Dope Ass Jokes – Review


In his new show Dope Ass Jokes, Joseph Moore tries to figure out some of life toughest questions, such as what makes rappers cool.

At 24, Moore is a rising star nominated for the Bill T Award. His topics reflect his age. There are shout outs to Jingle All the Way and the softcore porn that once littered early morning SkyOne. Moore dedicates a lengthy chunk of his set to a breakdown of a primary school sing-a-long. This isn’t to say that Moore’s humour won’t appeal to all audiences, but children of the 90’s will get some added chuckles from his choice of subject matter.

All of these jokes come in the form of clever observations, the sort that feel immediately obvious in hindsight, with a healthy dose musical accompaniment.

Moore is a huge hip-hop fan (hence the show’s title), so expect a few raps set to slideshows. He manages to balance this so that there are not so many that it seems like a gimmick. If anything his use of multimedia makes perfect sense in context. A late return to an earlier joke could’ve never worked with an ordinary setup. Here, it brings the house down.

His willingness to embrace absurdity provides some surprising tangents, and his charming, slightly nervous stage persona makes Moore an easy guy to root for.

One to watch and a well deserved Billy T Nominee. A Dope Ass Show!

You can hear Joseph’s Dope Ass Jokes at The Classic Studio 8.45pm until 18 May.