Rose Matafeo – The Rose Matafeo Variety Hour – Review


The Rose Matafeo Variety Hour is exactly that− a whole bunch of variety.

The quirky comedian exudes clumsiness and retro vibes when she stumbles onto the stage on roller skates. After a few moments of speaking though, Rose’s clumsiness disappears and is replaced instead by a very witty unflowery take on the world.

Rose sets out to not take herself too seriously, and seems oblivious to the fact that she is outrageously funny. Her every action and sentence amplifies the audience with her awkwardness and sarcasm getting us all laughing.

Fulfilling everything in her Comedy Festival brief, from hat comedy (yes, what?) to impressions, Rose leaves no one disappointed.

I would definitely recommend this show if a bit of randomness doesn’t scare you. Her cat humour and Jar Jar Binks references will get you hooked on this talented comedian.

Rose’s cutesy charm captivates and will definitely leave you wanting more. I was surrounded by a bubbly and thoroughly entertained audience, solidifying Rose Matafeo’s Billy T Award Nominee status. Rose is fresh-faced brilliance.

See Rose at The Basement Theatre at 7pm until 18 May

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