The Boy With Tape On His Face – More Tape – Review


The Boy is back and if you haven’t seen his full show More Tape then here’s your chance. This huge international success has pleased audiences all around the world so it’s time for you to celebrate him in his homeland. This return season of  More Tape is sure to be a sell out!

Many people will have seen something of ‘The Boy’ but not his full hour show. How different can it be?

The show is packed with visual treats cleverly entwined into stories expertly timed to accompanying music. A great soundtrack, may I add, accompanies this truly unique show.

Those that attend this show should know that your assistance may be required during the hour. Don’t think you can hide from ‘ ‘The Boy’ as he can sneak up and select his participants at any time. Even from the back row!

His ability to control his subjects shows him to be a master puppeteer of both the willing and the more reluctant participants. Ultimately everyone has fun and his antics and interactions add an anarchic and fresh feel to every show.

More Tape is packed with humour and has an abundance of surprises, no more so than with its finale, but don’t worry I won’t spoil any of them here. You may have seen some of the act on TV but there really is no substitute for the real thing! This joyous hour flies by and it really does transport you back making you feel mischievous and childlike again.

With a fresh audience of potential stars every night this show will always be original and unpredictable. The audience is lucky to be in the hands of the muted mastermind who is Boy With Tape On His Face.

The Boy is appearing at Q Theatre until 18 May at 7pm with an extra show at 5pm on Saturday only.