Pax – Pax’s Magic Carpet Ride – Review


Pax starts the show with a fun film clip of him getting the ‘voice of the people’ in Auckland. He asks them what their impressions are of the Middle East. resulting in some classic uncomfortable silences or random answers. This bit of citizen journalism shows Pax to be a playful comedian who could give some great ad lib with his hapless interviewees.

After the video he introduces himself. Just so you don’t spend the hour going ‘what is he’ he tells us of his half Pakistani half Iranian heritage. In his prologue he says he wishes to share with us some of his life experiences of the last few years , just think if him as a Middle Eastern Dr Phil.

Throughout his set he tackles various racial stereotypes and puts on a fair few accents too. He shouldn’t be underestimated as he proves himself to be an intelligent and insightful comic mind, discussing racial perceptions in the media. The best way to deal with differences and injustice is to laugh at them, and he provides excellent scenarios where we are safe to do so.  Pax also delves into his newly married life as well as how tough it was to ‘come out’ to his family as a comedian.

The audience appeared a little hesitant at first but soon warmed up as did he. I had seen Pax perform at the Billy T Jams so now know how much he thrives off the audience and strangely in a smaller room it seemed he had to work a little harder.

The show is all about prejudice and we judge others and Pax is perfect comedian to take us on this ride. He is a natural on stage and I really believe he was meant to get up there and stand behind a mic. A genuine talent with a natural gift for stand up. One to watch for this years Billy T!

 Take a magic carpet ride with Pax at the Brooklyn Bar & Lounge 7pm 17 & 18 May.

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