Tom Furniss – The Diary of Gordon Leaf-Cooper – Review


Tom Furniss and The Diary of Gordon Leaf-Cooper explores the dark and sad life of a teenager in 1984. Fingers crossed for a happy ending for this mystery 16 year old?

As if it was his density, Tom is handed this diary by an old lady in an Opp Shop. This surreal tale is read out during the show to various sad scores. Be it Adele, or the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands, we are well and truly in a Tim Burton esque black comedy.

Tom Furniss seems to have been born with an abstract thinking mind which is lucky for him as a comedian.

The show starts off with some tongue in cheek false starts and indoor pyrotechnics. Furniss intermittently moves from stand-up to reading the diary. However his stand-up stories are right out there and pretty bonkers really so you have to be ready to embrace the unconventional in this show.

There’s rodent love and odd appendage add-ons that will not appeal to all but Tom believes in his characters and does manage to weave all this absurdity together. And why not if you can’t be crazy at a comedy festival when can you?

Tom Furniss has a natural comedic way about him. In The Diary of Gordon Leaf-Cooper he has made a brand of comedy noir that is totally his own.

The Diary of Gordon Leaf-Cooper is at The Basement Studio at 8.45pm until 18 May.