Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross – Man About The House – Review

For the first time this renowned act crosses the ditch from Melbourne to Auckland. Showing in the modernist Donner residence in Titirangi, ‘Man About the House’ is an intimate show which comes alive within the wide glass walls of its iconic venue.The two storey house, built in 1947, with its winding, sloping grounds are open to the audience to explore in the show’s interval, at which point it’s enjoyably hard to believe you’re not simply at a mates house party.
Comedian Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross fires through random highlights of his life to date and touches on themes  which include growing up ‘then’ versus ‘now’, dating and new fatherhood.His comedic partner, acoustic musician Kit Warhurst, who goes unmentioned in the show’s title, surprisingly opens the act with several, moody, ‘David Grey’ like songs. In fact, Warhurst plays an equal part in the performance – although more musical than comedic – his songs create an exciting pace and atmosphere.

The two deliver separately their unique performances which act asfoils; Warhurst with his hypnotic sonnets and Ross with his fantasticallife stories.

The duo then come together, combining their talents to create anupbeat musical comedy piece not dissimilar to our own ‘Flight of the Conchords’. Their point of difference? It’s the amalgamation of Watts’ goofy charm to Ross’s expert delivery of confrontational lyrics which secure their style as original.

Highlights of the show are Ross’s tales which are relentlessly original and remarkable, often funny and occasionally touch on his passion – modernist architecture.

Tim Ross in Man About the House is real, somewhat educational, completely boss and the audience digs it.

The show is on at The Donner House, Auckland Sat 18 May, 7pm & 9pm