Tenacious D – Auckland Town Hall

Auckland was ready to rock on Monday night when legends Tenacious D kicked off their New Zealand tour. These guys have loyal and loving fans who couldn’t wait to rock hard in Auckland Town Hall.

With a back catalogue of  three albums – Tenacious D (2001), The Pick of Destiny (2006) which accompanied the movie of the same name, and Rize of the Fenix (2012) there’s no doubt we are in some good musical hands. Jack Black and Kyle Gass,  aka KG or Kage, have been together as Tenacious D for almost 10 years.

Four figures walk onto the stage but only one stays. Two we definitely recognise, one we are confused by and the other is the opening act. Starting the evening with some comedy was Jamaine Ross who had the tough job of getting ‘D’ fans to listen to a guy without a guitar. However his set went well and he totally won the crowd over with his laid back and likable comedy. He is a great fit for this tour and he was proud to proclaim that he is the second best comedian called Jamaine in New Zealand!

After a short wait next up was the mysterious Sasquatch. A big foot costume donning guy of head to toe hair! He performed a surprisingly energetic set considering how hot he must be in there. This eclectic musician gave us blues, soul and hard out rock. Some choice numbers included ‘I’m a Yeti For Love’ and ‘Black Betty’ where he plays both the drums and guitar parts. Rumours circulated that this mysterious hairy rocker was in fact Mr Dave Grohl, a rumour we can neither confirm nor Sasquatch!  What I can confirm is that he totally rocked it and everyone wanted to see more of our new furry friend.

After a short break we get to our main act!! The D strut onto stage proudly with some impressive presence. We all know them well and there’s nothing quite like seeing your heroes for real. They look as you would expect, there’s no glitz, no glam, just two dudes with acoustic guitars!

The appreciative crowd loved every moment as they kicked off with ‘ Rize Of The Fenix’. Their showmanship was tongue in cheek as they ended each song with a theatrical bow similar to that of a court jester.

Intermittently Sasquatch and the Roadie came on to stage to get some claps going, emphasise a song or add some percussion. The momentum never dropped.

Theatricals continue as Kyle quits the band but don’t worry it’s all a segway to the next hit! Their comradery is obvious and they work so tight together never missing a beat. These two are totally synced.

Lunging, leaping, gyrating and head banging Jack Black has all the moves and is truly rock n’ roll. JB would be doing this in his garage if he wasn’t a massive star. It’s in his blood!

JB and KG are the best by their own definition and the roars of sing-a-longs at this show confirm their status.

This is an epic gig about pure music and passion. Who knows what they will bring in the other gigs as I imagine things can always change with the ‘D’.

Lovers of rock and masters of lyrics, they produce something individual, exhilarating and totally rocking!

Wellington and Christchurch get ready to receive the high priests of rock!

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

This is a hot ticket so get in now !!