Anna Hawkins – Journey – Album Review

Anna Hawkins has recently released her debut full-length album Journey On which is full of warmth and sincerity, which exactly what we want from our kiwi talent that are doing good on foreign shores. Critics how been wowing over her remarkable song crafting and stage presence and Journey On is a fitting testimonial for someone with such amazing vocal ability. For those who are partial to female folk singers, Anna Hawkins is a real deal, home-grown talent who has obviously worked extremely hard to release this fourteen track album that features a mixture of covers and original material.

The album was made possible via a self-organized album fund which gave fans an opportunity to chip to help realise the completion of the project. The album features tracks that could well fit into a film score that features luscious green landscapes and stony shores and achieves a purity that even the finest bottled water could not match. Tracks such as ‘Gates of Dawn’ and ‘Eternity’ gracefully guide Hawkins stunning voice through orchestral soundscapes soaked in grace and poise. One of the covers that I recognised was ‘She Moved through the Fair’; a traditional Irish folk song that was included on Fairport Convention’s What We Did on Our Holidays.

Anna Hawkins career is in an exciting place right now with a New Zealand tour booked for dates in November. Her debut album has already sold out of physical copies that are available via her website, a sure sign that her art is well situated for further success. Those who are interested in her material can visit her website or, alternatively, buy her album via iTunes.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman


You can see Anna live in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga