Machete Kills Review

Machete kills,  an action exploitation film,  is the sequel to Robert Rodríguez’ 2010 Machete, which was a product of a fake trailer within the film Grindhouse in 2007.

Danny Trejo returns as the former Mexican Federal turned secret agent simple known as Machete. He is recruited by the U.S. President (Charlie Sheen, credited under his birth name Carlos Estévez.) to stop a revolutionary, Mendez (Demián Bichir),  who has a deadly missile aimed at at the U.S.However it soon turns out that the real threat as is Luther Voz (Mel Gibson) a insane arms dealer.

The film loses the grainy and gritty look of the first film, but retains the silliness and one of the most eclectic casts of well known faces i’ve seen in a long time.  The Academy Award Nominated Demián Bichir is excellent as the schizophrenic Mendez. Mel Gibson is enjoyable to watch as the mad and flamboyant Luther Voz, with Rodriguez even homaging Mad Max in one driving scene. Other stars include  Lady GagaAntonio Banderas and Cuba Gooding Jr. who pop up in what becomes a great game of spot the cameo. Sofía Vergara puts in a sexually powerful performance as Madame Desdemona, with added cock gun as seen in ‘Dusk til Dawn’. All combining to make a rip roaring movie of comically OTT violence.

Famous faces aside, half way through it begins to feel like an Austin Powers film but with less catchphrases and more violence. Machete Kills has lost something that the first film had grabbed by the short and curlies. If you’re expecting more than just sexy, goofy, absurd, over the top violence than you are going to be very disappointed.  Fans of the original Machete are going to know what they are in for and no doubt enjoy the ride. As a bonus feature Machete kills has a preview trailer for the next film Machete Kills Again……. in Space. This looks like a more insane and crazy ride than the previous two , it that’s at all possible?

Machete kills is more of the same full on bonkers movie violence.  Don’t take it seriously, simply enjoy!

Machete Kills is out nationwide from 10th October.

Reviewed by Ian Wright