Rob Schneider – SkyCity Theatre

Published on: October 14, 2013

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Rob Schneider, the well known star of Saturday Night Live and Waterboy, stopped off in little old New Zealand before embarking on his Australian tour, and I’m so glad he did!

He hadn’t even made it on stage before his catch phrase ‘You can do it!’ was called from the audience.

However once he joined us the audience calmed down. He complimented the beauty of New Zealand, as well as poked fun at our freaky weather, ‘there was rain shooting up my nose’.

Schneider filled his set with lots of kiwi style ‘yeah nah’ and dubious accent attempts. He got a roaring response for his America’s cup dig ‘losing eight times in a row is pretty spectacular’ and coining a new phrase for losing, ‘doing a Team New Zealand’ which all went down surprisingly well; As did many of his other more risqué material. He wasn’t afraid to do some straight talking about his own homeland either, joking about the ridiculousness of US gun laws and the still existing racism.

Not all comedians can get away with this kind of cheekiness, but his pace and confidence means he can, as well as the fact that you just like him instantly.

He stormed through his hour show which had me in tears over his aging comparisons of those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Schneider gives excellent and hilarious observations, with plenty of ‘dick’ jokes thrown in.

However some of his material may go a little too far for some. Daring to go down the Oscar Pistorius route was a brave move, but seemed to pay off proving that he’s a comedian who isn’t scared to take you to the brink of your comfort zone.

At the end of his set as the applause died down, the audience sighed as it looked like we wouldn’t get an encore. Schneider didn’t disappoint and he returned to the stage to end the evening on a few more belly laughs.

We had the added surprise of meeting his 11 month old daughter, who was carried on stage by his gorgeous wife and he commentated ‘It’s good to be rich!’

I found myself admiring Schneider’s risky material. He continuously pushed boundaries, said the unspeakable and turned a mirror on our relationships.

I found him to be engaging, intelligent, naughty, cheeky and ridiculously funny.

Australia don’t miss this world class comedian.