Golden Boys – Kings of Waterview – Basement Theatre

Directed by Benjamin Henson, the Kings of Waterview Theatre Co. present Golden Boys, a story about three South Island brothers who have a bond that is unbreakable, and hilarious(Starring  Andrew Ford, Jason Hodzelmans, and Brad Johnson).

This tale gives us insight into the workings of real New Zealand blokey blokes.  However, don’t be fooled as the lads are deeper men than merely beer drinkers and rugby oglers. They progress to reveal truths and lies, and these cringe-worthy stereotypes develop into New Zealanders with a spirit and attitude that left me pretty happy to call this country home.

The supporting actors add reflection of stereotypical and diverse New Zealand culture. The mother, (Margret Blay) is the backbone. She is sweet and funny, with just the right amount of sass to keep her three boys in order. Giving the play a sense of calm, she is supportive yet free from the battles of youth. The ‘boys’ love interests are open books that provide reflections of the boys’ inner selves, without the external stereotype of the Kiwi male.

Golden Boys balances the funny and the sad by using a common narrative with crises and solutions. It kept me hooked with minimalist, yet innovative set design, by Benjamin Henson. Red and blue lighting, by Micheal Craven, was used subtly, and sparingly, to create an eerie mood that heightened the mystery of the multiple storylines.

The performances were refreshing, and never forced or over the top. I came out of the theatre with strong opinions on the characters but the play ends with resolutions and explanations for personalities so I felt satisfied, and my faith in humanity was restored before the curtain call.

Golden Boys reveals a lot about connections and love. It’s a play about real people. The play advertises… “we will always end up being the people we were meant to be” and it wonderfully portrays the inner workings of real New Zealand families. In short Golden Boys was bloody brilliant!

Reviewed by India Hendrikse

Golden Boys is on at the Basement until 19 October