‘The Hackmans’ The Auckland Theatre Awards

Last night the Winter Garden at Auckland’s Civic Theatre hosted the 5th annual Auckland Theatre Awards aka The Hackmans. Hosted by Chris Parker, the two hour show celebrated the best of 2013’s theatre scene; from best entrance and best death to pashing and technical f&*k ups.

A full list of awards and winners are below;

The TAPAC (The Auckland Performing Arts Centre) Award for Best Entrance:
Sam Snedden – ‘The Pitchfork Disney’

The Sharu Loves Hats Award for Best Pash:
Bennett Conran & Ida Barklund – ‘Keanu Reeves Saves the World’

The Short+Sweet Auckland Award for Fastest Pack In / Pack Out:
‘Verbatim’ – Mangere Arts Centre

The Elizabeth Whiting Award for Best use of Costume:

The NZ Actors Equity Award for Best Technical Fu*k up: The Lightening Strike on Selwyn College during ‘The Glass Menagerie’,

The Kathryn Rawlings Management Award for Best Break Up:
Jordon and Dan – ‘Another Dead Fag’,

The South Pacific Pictures Award for Best Production schedule:
‘The Basement Christmas Carol’ – Martyn Wood,

The Elephant Publicity Award for Best Poster:
‘Whistle Solo’,

The Auckland Actors Award for Best DEATH:
Simon Vincent in ‘Abigails Party’,

The Playmarket New Zealand Award for Best line in a Kiwi Play:
“Did I just say that outCloud?” – ‘Just above the Clouds’ by Ben Andersen

The J&L Management Award for Best Actress/Actor Playing a Character with a Disability/Medical Condition of the year:
Tola Newbury – ‘Hui’ – SILO and Auckland Festival

The Armstrong Creative Award for Best Special Effect:
Everything – ‘Apocalypse Z’

The Actors’ Program Award for Best Nudity:
Dan Musgrove’s skin Suit – ‘Yeti Trilogy’

The APRA Award for Best Music in a play:
Paul McLaney – ‘Speaking in Tongues’

The Auckland Theatre Comp anyNewcomer Award: Jamie Johnstone
The Q Theatre Newcomer Award: Dan Williams
The Basement Newcomer Award: Helen Sheehan

The Auckland Festival Award for Most Original production: ‘Sydney Bridge Upside Down’,

The Silo Theatre Award for Best Ensemble:

And The Edge Lifetime Achievement recipient for 2013 – Gillian Sutton