Pam Ann – Plane Filthy

Pam Ann jetted into Auckland for one show, just in time for Auckland Pride Festival.

There was air kissing, disco and dress up, all before Pam made an appearance. Walking into ASB Theatre we were greeted with some wonderfully rude Pam Ann slogans and messaging. The buzz was palpable and the fun felt guaranteed.

Opening with a slightly gayer version of Beyonce’s ‘Run The World, and wearing a baby blue 60’s inspired air hostess outfit, the air bitch had landed.

The first order of service was to talk to her passengers, asylum seekers at the top, economy in the middle and the lovely fist class at the front. She poked fun at all the New Zealand Hobbits, the extreme flight over the Pacific with Air New Zealand and chatted to her new friends and crew from her flight over.

No international airline was safe and lots are dissected during the show. Even the the captain of the Costa Concordia gets a hilarious grilling. Stereo types, drug smuggling, an unapologetic labido and explicit language make up her material,  along with her excellent audience repartee.

We were treated to Pam Ann gatecrashing various classic films as our ‘in-flight entertainment’ which were received with huge howls of laughter from the crowd.

As a first timer in a Pam Ann audience it was easy to get into the swing of things. She is a talented and controlled performer who makes a large venue like the ASB Theatre, feel like a club basement.  She has kept the raw elements that can be lost with such a large crowd while incorporating her personal brand within videos and dance routines. I think she lost momentum a bit in the second half of the show, not that this bothered the crowd, they lapped it all up.

We were lucky enough to have a quick catch up with Pam Ann while she was in Auckland. So until next time, she’ll see you bitches soon!

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

Video contains strong language