Vague de Cirque’s Carousel and Clothesline – Herald Theatre

The circus has arrived in Auckland. Montreal’s Vague de Cirque has flipped its way into town bringing an absurd take on the traditional circus performance whilst performing some dazzling acrobatics, trapeze and what I have learned to be a Russian bar. In hindsight the bar did look Russian but I initially figured it was some type of candy. I apologise for the digression but the boutique theatrical circus that is Carousel and Clothesline has me frazzled, bamboozled and exhausted by OMGs.

Carousel and Clothesline is a production that is fit for all ages, especially children who seemed delighted by the curator of the show – Philippe Thibaudeau. It was fitting then when I found that Philippe is a professional clown whose mission is to bring together clownship and theatre.

The performance has character in bundles and bunches and is not afraid to test the limits even if it means botching it up a few times. The chaos wielding curator Philippe is continually but accidentally sabotaging the show which provides the majority of comedic moments that add to the delightful nature of Carousel and Clothesline.  Each member of the troupe represented their chosen field but always worked in tandem or in a group which displayed the amazing choreography and training that is required for such a production.

Vague de Cirque is the brainchild of Alan Boudreau and Noemie Gervais and was developed by performing together in an array of traditional and contemporary circus acts.

Grown men will gasp, women may shriek and kids will be requesting clowns at every birthday party after seeing Carousel and Clothesline so get in their while you can it is the perfect way to warm up for the upcoming International Comedy Festival. Five stars from me!

The company brings a unique take on circus performance and will be dazzling Auckland audiences until the 12 April.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman