Paco Peña – Flamencura – Bruce Mason Centre

With my limited flamenco music knowledge I had no idea what to expect when I entered the packed Bruce Mason Centre to see the Paco Pena Flamencura show. From the opening act I was blown away by how a group of people could instantly transport me away from my everyday life to a world of drama, passion and power.

Without the help of fancy props, special lights and masses of musical instruments, they told us fascinating stories with their hands, feet, guitars, voices, bodies and a drum that looked like a box. The singers poured their hearts out and, of course, the guitar was flawlessly played.

At times it was hard to tell whether the music was made for the dancer or the dance was made for the music, as both were so tightly entwined. The shawl dances were mesmerising where the female dancers were passionate and dramatic. The male dancer was both powerful and elegant. Throughout the show I wished I could understand the Spanish lyrics so I could fully understand the stories told within the songs and dances.

At the end of the show we were treated an impromptu performance by the cast and discovered that they are a multi talented bunch. They were having so much fun dancing and singing together that I wanted to jump up on the stage and join them.

I left the show feeling a little more Spanish with Flamenco dancing whirling around my mind! Paco Peña – Flamencura is a great musical experience to brighten up your mid week.

There is one more chance to see the show at the Bruce Mason Cenre tonight 16 April.

Reviewed by Trudy Evans