Jayran Mansouri – Luna @ Q Theatre

Jayran Mansouri’s Kitchen of Curiosities was certainly a curious show. Described as “comedy that seamlessly blends the innocent with the macabre“, it certainly was. From serial killer (or cereal killer?!) jokes, to rambling stories about her childhood, Jayran had the audience on one heck of a journey with her.

A child growing up in with a strict Iranian father, poor Jayran was always going to have it tough. Still, she has her charms and talents, unfortunately artistic skills is not one of them.

By far and away, the best gags from Jayran were around her “beautifully crafted” greeting cards, for all those occasions in your life that the greeting card industry does not yet milk all your money. From funny deaths (yes, there are such a thing!) to ending relationships, and even those of you who have loved ones who might be currently possessed by demons, Jayran has you covered.

Jayran is a fresh young comedian, and her show had plenty of jokes to reflect that. The thoughts and fantasies of your not-so-typical 21 year old were on display – trust us when we say you’ll never look at your cutlery drawer the same way again after the show.

It was her first show of Comedy Fest, but with all the big names around her it’s hard to give her more than two stars.

We’re with you though on the bra thing, no woman should have to wear one for more than 4 hours, and surely once a week is enough.

We didn’t see any dead fish impersonations – maybe she’s saving that for you all on night two?

 Jayran Mansouri’s Kitchen of Curiosities is on at 7pm at Luna – Q Theatre Saturday 26 April.

Review by Dani McAllen

2 and a half stars