Chris Martin – The Loft @ Q Theatre

Becoming a NZ Comedy Festival favourite, Chris Martin is back for the third year with another new show Responsibilliness. 

His life has changed since we saw him last. He’s in love and is cohabiting for the first time. This joy in his personal life has given him lots of material, from the excess shedding of his girlfriends long locks to the art of hugs and kissing.

Another life changing event leads to some depressing times which culminated in… wait for it…going to McDonalds! This routine went down a storm and sparked further evaluation around middle class food snobbery. How do you pronounce ‘Quinoa’ anyway? However it was his finale that you will walk out the room giggling about. One of  life’s true conundrums puts Chris in a toilet situation anyone could find themselves in and it turns nasty!

Chris Martin is a likeable comic whose stage confidence is that of a friendly chat. Fast thinking with well crafted material means he keeps the audience in the palm of his hand.

This was the first night he had performed his new show so I expect this will develop and change over time. The material was strong but some parts didn’t quite flow yet, with one discussion on Aliens seemingly abandoned. His anecdotal style and slightly distracted mind takes you on a journey around his paranoia and irritations, as well as those ‘I wonder what would happen if’ moments.

You really feel like you are meeting the person during his show. His likability shines through his relatable everyday comedy musings.

See Chris Martin Responsibilliness at Q Theatre Fri 25 & Sat 26 April, Tue 29 April – Sat 3 May, 7.15pm. He is also joining forces with Carl Donnelly in Wellington, Hannah Play House 6 – 10 May.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

4 small stars