FanFiction Comedy – Loft @ Q Theatre

Let’s say you’re a massive fan of a TV series, movie, or book. Let’s say that you’re such a big fan that you decide to actually write your own continuation of the story, or an alternate plot – a.k.a a ‘fanfiction’. Is this something you would then want to share with a room full of strangers? No, me neither. But that is exactly what Fanfiction Comedy is all about. This fairly alternative show has been impressing crowds in festivals in Edinburgh and, more recently, Melbourne and returned this year to the Q Loft for a one-off show.

Topics ranged widely from a twist on Jurassic Park to an infomercial for the Magic Bullet. The writing talents of this young group came to the fore as they each waxed lyrical on their chosen subject, at times taking them off to wholly unexpected places. Special guest James Acaster’s recounting of his encounter with an actor from ‘Lost’ was an understated masterpiece, while Aussie Sam Simmons’ chaotic and over-the-top routine had us laughing out of sheer bemusement. Brownie points to Heidi O’Loughlin for choosing a Disney fanfic, and even more brownie points for its excellent execution.

While some ‘fics’ weren’t quite as captivating as others, overall I was impressed at the genuinely clever and comical stories the gang had each come up with. With all the players sitting on the stage and enjoying their fellow comedians’ work before taking to the mic themseles, this format is an interesting change from good old traditional stand-up. The group are clearly comfortable on a stage together, leaving the audience feeling the same way.

Host Nick Gibb contributes to this feeling, and managed to keep the casual, snappy feel of the evening going thanks to his very quick banter with the night’s on-stage ‘critic’ Steven Boyce between each reading. It’s just a shame that this was the only two appearance for the show this year as I am definitely keen to see what other tricks these talented young things have up their sleeves.

You  can see FanFiction at San Fran in Wellington Sunday 4 May.

Reviewed by Steph Bean

4 small stars