Jason Byrne – Rangatira @ Q Theatre

The juggernaut that is Jason Byrne makes quite and entrance in his show at Q Theatre.

A show that doesn’t actually have a name yet, as he wants you to name it for him for a prize of $1000 cash! The winner will be announced onstage at the final show.

As always with Bryne there’s so much fun that time seems to run away with him, so don’t expect a tight 1 hour show. A Jason Byrne performance is not like a normal stand up show, as only around 50% ends up being actual material. This expert people puppeteer can play with his audience like no other. It becomes a shared experience where the whole crowd joins in the conversation. Even people’s toilet breaks become part of show.

Byrne seems genuinely overwhelmed by his audiences ability to amuse him. Dispute the chaos he appears to be in control, and can easily slip in and out of conversations and planned material.

Byrne’s wonderfully animated story telling  allows him to brilliantly recount  an unfortunate health problem, where he encountered inappropriate medical professionals and suppositories. His material centres on family relationships, mainly his wife, but his impersonations of his pubescent son were hilarious. Jason also reminisces at his mother’s discipline techniques and the changes in the male role in the home. Due to all the audience interruptions he never quite finished his anecdote about his dad, so if anyone goes to the show please let us know the rest of the story! I have a strong feeling however, that each night will be very different and will depend hugely on the randomness of the audiences responses!

This ambidextrous approach to stand -up creates a joyous atmosphere. I challenge anyone not to have a good time at a Jason Byrne show!

Jason Byrne… You Name the Show is on at Q Theatre until Sunday 27 April.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar


4.5 stars5 stars small

4.5 stars