Eli Matthewson – The Basement Studio

The loveable actor turned comedian Eli Matthewson presents his second solo show at the NZ International Comedy Festival.

Providing us with some quick and hip audience comic interactions we were off into the world of Eli. A friendly demeanour and a sense of infectious fun drives his performance. As part of his ‘Big Audition’ to be our friend he is willing to help his audience find love, so no time for shyness in his audience.

Unfortunately his material didn’t quiet seem enough for an hour show, instead it felt that he relied on audience participation to fill up the time.¬†Although this is fun stuff and went down well, it will depend on his audience to step up, and in a small venue he may struggle to get his stars on stage.

His main material is full of pop culture references and childhood memories of home lounge room performances. The only show at the festival to feature live print outs is a great touch . He shares some rather personal stuff in the show. From his gym insecurities to his teenage skin issues. I laughed and smiled throughout the show as it’s hard not to like his story telling, and he totally wins you over as a guy you want as your best friend.

Eli’s show is an enjoyable watch, and one that many will connect with, but against the established home grown talent and international stars I hope he’s done enough to stand out in 2014.

Eli will appeal to the a younger crowd who are up for a laugh and a little bit of dinosaur dancing!

Eli is at the Basement Studio 29 April – 3 May.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

3 stars3 stars