Stephen K Amos – Rangatira @ Q Theatre

If you find yourself in the front row at a Stephen K Amos show there is a good chance you will be picked on. Don’t let this put you off though because British comedian Stephen K Amos is the perfect way to kick off the carnival-adventure-quest that is the NZ International Comedy Festival. Initially, the crowd took a bit of warming up.  Amos pointed out the lacklustre welcoming but quickly got the audience humming by parodying the Kiwi accent and celebrating our global insignificance.

Stephen K Amos is a comedian whose material caters to a diverse range of people and his routines have just the right balance for those who are unaccustomed to the happenings at a comedy gig. Front row attendees Cillian and Louie, both young men who were there with their parents, were given an initiation they will not forget as Amos took to them like Adele to break-ups. The two young lads were chastised for their lack of girlfriends, their lack of life plans and their over-abundance of masturbation which led to a curly question about puberty and bum hair.

Stephen K Amos is a class act, a genuine professional of the comedy circuit and his knowledge of how to get laughs from the locals is well-rehearsed and relevant. Even though he grills some of the audience members at the end of the show he delivers a few pearls of wisdom that illuminate the need for education, tolerance and candid humanity.

Stephen K Amos  What Does the K Stand For? plays at Rangatira @ Q until the 3 May and then the Wellington Opera House on 4 May.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman

4 small stars