Urzila Carlson – Rangatira @ Q Theatre

Like German people, South Africans are not generally expected to be naturally that funny. That is a huge generalisation and one that last year’s People’s Choice Award winner Urzila Carlson disproves.

She’s back at this year’s NZ International Comedy festival with her show – Poise Control. During the opening of her show she explains that the title does not at all refer to panty liners but to the subject of political correctness. Beware though, panty liners are recommended for those who may need them because this show is hugely funny.

Urzila rips through her material like a biltong-flavoured tornado, and delivered the first barista joke I have heard ever. If you are someone who reluctantly puts up with bad coffee then go see Urzila and you shall be empowered and released from the curse of burnt milk. Go seek out that wizard barista, just be prepared to fight for him/her.

Many know Urzila Carlson from her appearances on the TV show Seven Days, this does not do her comedy justice (not a criticism). I urge all who have not seen her live to go and do so immediately. In terms of delivery Urzila is a master class, she manages to get the crowd abuzz purely by her magnificent stage presence.

Poise Control tackles issues of family, relationships and focuses on the brutal honesty of children and old people. Children are little assholes, she tells the crowd, and she is too right. They have no tact, no filter, and will never fail to find something odd about your features. I don’t want to give too much away because this is a must see act, a genuine five -star experience indeed.

Urzila Carlson will be performing at the Q Theatre, Auckland until Saturday 3 May 3at Q Theatre and at San Fran in Wellington 6 – 10 May.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman

5 stars small