Guy Montgomery – The Basement

What a privileged to witness another Billy T nominee in the form of Guy Montgomery who ‘Presents a Succinct and Concise Summary of How He Feels About Certain Things’.

I did not realise he was part of the Cadbury Dream Factory team until an audience member yelled it out but I googled it, and sure enough he is. They do some great work that bunch. We also got to see him without a moustache, which was weird because his lip wig really frames his face well.

Guy Montgomery is a dynamic performer who really gets into it. He shouts and goes red, but is simultaneously succeeding in being hilarious. Beware those who like to have a chat or check their phone, not only are you being rude, but he will own you for it.

Throughout his show Guy Montgomery appears to be winging it, but that is all part of his observational and anecdotal style. He delves into some topics that I would have loved him to elaborate on, but it probably would have offended many of those in the crowd, especially those wearing suits. He touches on the downsides of being a non-smoker, and has some great advice on how to motivate joggers.

I don’t know if Guy is from Wellington, but he does have an intimate knowledge of the universal uniform of the hipster barista which led me to realise that baristas have been frequently popping up in comedians routines during this festival – are they studying their habits? Should they be worried?

Guy is a sports fan, and like any sports fan who dabbles in stand-up comedy, he had a hilariously unique take on the post game captain’s speech. It involved some philosophical introspection into the professionalism of modern sport. I mentioned that I thought he was from Wellington, and i may be wrong but he certainly dresses like he is. His shoes were like so retro, and I love what he does with a baggy denim shirt.

Guy’s routine is hard to describe, so best get down and sexily check him out. His show is at the Basement Theatre and I have said it thrice now, the Basement Theatre is hard-out the bomb, so go and see some kiwi comedy there. Choice.

Guy Montgomery will be performing at the Basement Theatre until Saturday 17 May.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman

4.5 stars