Sara Pascoe – Vault @ Q Theatre

Sara Pascoe was a hit at this year’s Comedy Gala and has sold out her NZ debut show. She’s been the 2014 hot ticket. Time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Her show Sara Pascoe Vs The Truth is filled with personal anecdotes, philosophical musings and clever twists and turns that are both a demonstration of her fabulous wit and bang on show structure.

Her unassuming stage presence, and understated deliverable, makes for an enjoyable hour of wonderfully unpretentious comedy. Clearly comfortable in her comedy persona, her delivery has both a dry, and laid back feel, which allowed us to relax into the show with full confidence of her skills.

Dressed in black jeans and a white t-shirt with slogans back and front. After adjusting the floor fan she begins to explain the quotes on her t-shirt. “There are no facts, only interpretations” from Friedrich Nietzsche (although she deliberately misspells his name). This introduces the theme of the show and also her ability to play around with her intentions and our interpretations.

I simply loved her material, and myself and my plus one were slightly fangirling discussing her after the show! Her life analysis, veganism, body image and feminism commentary were cleverly weaved amongst tales of her boyfriend, pets, arachnophobia, conception story, Fifty Shades of Grey and a famous Nun based film. Sillyness isn’t lost here, and many clever and random silly one-liners get thrown in.

He ability to tackle ‘issues’ without ever leaving us hanging for a laugh is truly admirable. All the while she brings her show back to philosophical ideals and debate, even asking ‘What is Sara Pascoe?’.

Well to me Sara Pascoe is a smart comedian whose original style makes her a modern and refreshing act, and one that I totally see what all the fuss was about!

Sara Pascoe has added an extra show 17 May Rangatira at Q Theatre at 8.45pm.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

4.5 stars