Stephen Witt – The Basement Studio

As soon as Stephen Witt took the floor I was certain it was going to be an interesting night. He appeared, in body and face, to be a mixture of Captain Kirk and the Four Square Guy – both epic in their own right. From the get go he was dry, but in an eighties TV show host kind of way; his entrance included a series of high fives and self-posturing. The energy was glorious, buzzing even, but the buzz ended on an audience member who really should not have been seated in the front row. Poor girl, I am sure she was terrified throughout the entire hour.

Stephen Witt’s approach is an odd one which is probably why his show is called Odd. Mike King has hailed this lad as ‘the future of New Zealand comedy’, now I would not usually condone listening to anything Mike King has to say about comedy, but you can trust me, and I say he is right.

He has the all the charm of the kiwi boy next door, and all the creepiness of the stalker in the Redhill bushes. If I saw him stalking from outside I would definitely invite him in for biscuits. He also has some pearler dad jokes that do not sink in straight away, so you have to be either really quick ,or really lame to get them. Witt also does some deliberately awkward audience interaction stuff, at least I reckoned it was deliberate.

Anyway, it was funny as and I must mention that Stephen Witt is a Billy T Award nominee. He is one of the chosen five who posses some ultra rad comedy talent that we are so lucky to have at this festival.

Stephen Witt’s show is not one that includes a heap of crassness or filth, but he does get a bit naughty and his facial expressions suggest a lot more than is…suggested.

Don’t miss out on this show, local comedy at the Basement Theatre is as good as it gets in Auckland, so get in now while the getting is reals good yo.

Stephen Witt’s Odd will be playing at the Basement Theatre until Sat 17 May 17 

Reviewed by Ben Blackman

4.5 stars