Tim Batt – The Basement Theatre

Don’t let the intense glare on the promotional posters fool you – Tim Batt is all jest and good banter.

Billy T award nominee and winner of Best Newcomer Comedy Festival 2013, Batt has unconventionally titled his show ‘Tim Batt saves Planet Earth’. He’s quite literally compiled a series of what he calls ‘lectures’ to funnily share his views on how to change the world. He jokes that the comedy festival organisers had one condition: that his spiels and tangents included at least one anti-Semitic joke. He slipped it in, but otherwise, certainly didn’t play by the book.

Opening with a two minute video that summarises the turmoil our world, is in today in Batt’s true mocking style. The tempo of the video sets the pace for the show, and Tim provides erratic banter with topics covering everything from politics to irrational fears. A key term to take away is Tim’s suggestion of a system of government called ‘governmania’- a fight-to-the-death styled election where the best (ish) man wins.

By no means is this a TED talk- it’s a fresh kind of comedy that nabs the intellectualness I feel a lot of today’s comedians miss. Batt doesn’t fall back on toilet humour for a cheap laugh, but has planned everything to the T.

Audience interaction is fairly subtle, so great for those who fear being singled out . The great thing is, Tim makes it his mission to conquer all the audience’s other fears. He solved everything from the fear of outer space to the fear of waking up naked on a unicorn, with very Batt-logic, a goofy grin, and a fist pump.

Batt’s cheeky grin saves him from a number of near misses with his un-PC sense of humour, and his sarcastic tone shows he means no harm. Offending pretty much everyone in the audience, he does so in a way that embraces awkwardness. I like a comedian that acknowledges they’ve taken it too far but just tries again; Batt does so by offending certain Cheshire-cat looking politicians, first time parents, and even challenges anyone who uses fly spray.

You’ll come out with a very new perspective on life, questioning serious matters like why Schick Quattro needs four blades.

Tim Batt Saves Planet Earth is at The Basement Theatre until 17 May.

Reviewed by India Hendrikse

4 small stars