Jamaine Ross – The Classic Studio

Raw winner 2012 and 2014 Billy T nominee Jamaine Ross is earning his stripes in the New Zealand comedy scene.

Throughout his one hour show, ‘Jamaine Says Funny Things’ the audience chuckles along and Jamaine can’t help but join in too, with what turns out to be a very infectious giggle.  He talks about his life ,and gives us reflections on his many passions including; transformers, his wife and WWF wrestling (not necessary in that order). He has taken inspiration from his childhood interests and experiences, to create a warm-hearted and funny show. Distinct nostalgic sequences were woven together with reoccurring themes.

There are plenty of great belly laughs from the audience who get ample opportunity to participate in the show. Singing a childhood favourite guided in the round by Ross, and getting some pronunciation lessons in the form of Streetfighter game commands where some highlights (great for those who’ve always wanted to be able to say ‘surging fist’ in Japanese). This sort of audience participation is a crowd pleaser as no one gets singled out and everyone gets to join in the fun.

Jamaine really does say funny things, though as he points out at the beginning of the show, he technically only needs to say two funny things for the title to be accurate.

Ross’ brand of comedy is down to earth, and inherently entertaining. His memories of a kiwi childhood are endearing, and he really is just a big kid still; that’s the joy of the show, a childlike silliness and enthusiasm that a lot of us have let go of. This is not to say he’s immature, he has grown as a comic and is a likeable performer who connects with his audience. His show stands out for its ability to spread sheer joy and positivity.

Jamaine Ross will continue to say funny things until 17 May at The Classic Studio.

Reviewed by Natalie Ridler

4 small stars