Marcel Lucont – Rangatira @ Q Theatre

Marcel Lucont was fashionably late for his first night at the Q Theatre, ‘even for a French man’ he quipped. He turned the cause of the delay, a technical difficulty, into material, tutting at the incompetence of the staff. Say salut to Marcel, he has arrived.

Accompanying him on stage was a bottle of red, a chaise lounge, a projector and screen, and a waft of suave cool with more than a hint of superior arrogance.

You may know Marcel from the comedy gala performances, or have seen his show before, but Marcel Lucant ‘Is’  is on a new scale. The Rangatira room in Q Theatre adds the gravitas this performer needs to get the best from Marcel, who always felt too big a character to have been confined into a small venue. Using his projector screen before we even get going means that we can get interactive with our fav Frenchie.

Lucont demands your attention immediately by delivering my favourite opening line of the festival. He muses about life’s big questions. His utter disdain for children, and the obese, is wonderfully communicated;using visuals to illustrate his point. As always the Kiwi accent will get a jibe but it’s the Aussies that feel the full force of Lucont’s disgust.

The show features such immensely satisfying poetry that you will be laughing  at it, and envious of it at the same time. We also get a sneak peek into the childhood of Marcel in a few readings from his autobiography. If this isn’t enough there is pretty much a full on cabaret performance too.

This show will not disappoint, and even if it did Marcel wouldn’t care for your stupidity. Poetry, philosophy and song. Life with Marcel Lucont is magnifique and an honour!

You can see Marcel Lucont Is at Q Theatre until 17 May.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

4.5 stars