The 5pm Project – Loft at Q Theatre

The 5pm project kicked off at 5pm (funnily enough) and if that sounds like it was a bit early for your typical comedy show, that’s because it was early, and not your typical show.

It was after this welcome, that we realised where we were – “Welcome to all the teenagers, to all the parents of the teenagers, and to all the other adults in the room who had no idea this was a show for teenagers”.

Aha. There you go. That explained why the Q theatre had turned in to a time warp back to the 90s of our childhood.

Still, the show was a cracker. Rose Matafeo was the MC and she did an awesome job – someone should send that girl a box of roses to congratulate her. Truly. We’d heard some of the gags before from the comedians, as we had seen them already on the circuit this comedy fest, however most played ball and changed the punch line slightly, so as to be more relevant to the wee kiddies, or to take the swearing out.

We say most. Guy still called everyone pussy’s and used the work dick – but to be fare, so do teenagers, so they loved it.

Rose, Guy, Rhys, Matt and Steven did a great job muting their typical adult humour to have the kids and parents laughing together. It can’t be easy, even for a 22 year old comedian to relate to kids and adults alike. But they all did well.
Unfortunately for you all, the show was a one off so you can’t head along yourself. BUT, at next years comedy fest we recommend you check it out. It would of course help if you had a teenager to take along so you don’t look like a total weirdo, however – but it’s also a good option for an early show so you can head out for a nice dinner in town afterwards.

The 5pm Project was on Saturday 17 May at 5pm. We’re sorry you missed it.

Reviewed by Dani McAllen