Two and a Half Asian Men – Luna at Q Theatre

I had a sneaking suspicion that I would not get to see the half Asian man that I had anticipated for this show, but that was just me being hopeful that the title was not a joke. What I did get to see was a couple of Asian dudes perform some funny stuff, and as it turned out the half-Asian man was a white girl in a cute red beanie.

Master of ceremonies, and main-man Jimmy Guan, was the glue for the entire show and had an aura of extreme awkwardness that complimented his broken English. Jimmy then introduced Ben Cleland who kicked it up a gear and also employed some awkward, blokey humour to get the crowd going. Ben was sharply dressed and unjustifiably confident which showed some solid potential. Well done to that young man.

Jimmy and Ben set up a fine show, but it was the petite American girl in the Team Zissouesque beanie that stole the show. Julie Holland had serious sass and she chucked it at the audience with some kick-ass observational humour and cunning attitude. Julie was ruthless, not only to those who piss her off but pulled off some great moments of self-deprecation that complimented her delivery. She  injected some crassness and cringe that offset some of the awkward fog that the boys had laid down. All three performers were finalists in last year’s Raw Comedy event, and all proved why they were chosen to perform at this year’s festival.

Unfortunately we had some hecklers who thought they were adding value to the show, but were clearly not. I am all for the odd heckle if it is timed well and has some relevance, but instead of humour these douchebags only provided unnecessary distractions for the performers as well as annoyance for fellow audience members. To those two I say grow up or grow some talent and get up there yourselves.

Reviewed by Ben Blackman

3.5 stars small