Hip Hop-eration Review

Hip Hop-eration is a heartwarming and hilarious Kiwi documentary which is full of as much uplifting jubilance as it is heartfelt and tear jerking monologues.

The stars are a group of eccentric, funny and loveable Waiheke Island senior citizens that take up street dance, and embark on a quest to try and perform at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas.

The film focuses on three ladies: Maynie Thompson (96), Kara (Kit) Nelson (94) and Terri Woolmore-Goodwin AKA Quicksilver, Kara Bang-Bang and Terri 2-Cents. Along with the rest of their crew, they immerse themselves into the hip hop dance culture, street names and all.

However this film isn’t all crotch grabbing and doing the moonwalk or running man, it’s about incredible life stories of how these amazing people ended up living in their beautiful home of Waiheke. It really will pull on the heart strings so be prepared.

These wannabe Hip Hoppers have experienced love, loss and single motherhood, as well as demonstrating against nuclear arms and surviving The Blitz in London during World War II. Reflecting on the past is one part of this film, but current life brings its own challenges.  Terri is dealing with her recent separation from her one true love, husband Bill, who is now in a rest home due to his dementia. Billie Jordan, who’s the crews dance teacher/caregiver, also has quite a story to tell following moving to Waiheke after the Christchurch earthquake.

One of the many highlights was watching the wonderful relationships formed between the youth dance crew and the Hip Hop-eration crew. So many have lost their connection with the elderly, so it’s fantastic to see this admiration on film. Director Bryn Evans and producer Paula Jones have made a sensitive yet energetic portrayal of an under represented age group.

A lack of funds and questionable health all put the crews trip to the U.S in jeopardy but Billie Jordan is having none of it saying ‘You’re all going…even if it’s in an urn.’ This sums up the honesty and humour within this throughly enjoyable journey.

Truly showing that age is but a number, Hip Hop-eration is a glorious must see movie about the human spirit that changes our preconception of age.