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Exists is from the director of the Blair Witch Project Eduardo Sanchez, and as with his previous movie, this is a found footage film.

The story documents brothers Brian and Matt traveling to their uncles’ abandoned cabin in East Texas for the weekend to party with their friends. However, after striking a mysterious figure on their way to the cabin they are stalked by the legendary Sasquatch. dah dah dah!!!

Far from being a remake of the 1987’s Harry and the Hendersons (apart from the bigfoot yet again being played by Brian Steele who play the part in the TV version) this film doesn’t waste any time moving towards the tense action. This is at the detriment of the character development, so why should I care about these people?

There are plot issues; for example the group hitting an up right walking figure at the beginning of the film and never once asking themselves if it could possible be a human they just fatally injured? You might start rooting for the violent hairball quite early on.

Anyway we’re not here to analyse the human condition, or care about these two-demential vapid people. We, the audience, just want to throw our popcorn up in the air and scream when this 7ft vegetarian fur ball comes at them like a freight train while they run for their lives.

With enough go-pro’s and camera equipment to arm a large scout troupe there’s no need to worry  as our plucky party goers are not going to let us miss any of the action.

All the sequences involving the towering ape-like monster are extremely well executed, so it’s a shame the script is so generic and lacks the humour needed for this type of horror. Otherwise this could have been an excellent scare fest.

The film makers try to inject more substance towards the end by pulling on heart strings but unfortunately this falls flat, but you can see where they were going in part to explain why this shy and illusive creative would go bat shit crazy.

If you can get passed the fact that a charter is still filming and not running or helping others, you are going to enjoy this frighting collection of America’s funniest home videos. A fun ride and something different from the usual paranormal and ghosty found footage film.

A little hit and miss but good for a bit of fun for a jump and a scare! The film is release 13 November.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

3 stars3 stars

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Exists Trailer AU / NZ from Jorr Pty Ltd on Vimeo.