Suri vs Shiloh Review

My first fringe show for 2015 and my oh my, has the bar been set high with the rollicking, laugh-til-you-cry romp of comic theatre that is Suri v. Shiloh. This show is a slam-dunk of a win and if there’s just one show you go and see at Fringe, I implore you to make it this one.

The premise is simple: It’s 2024, and Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are 19 years old, emerging from childhoods spent in the spotlight as the most famous celebrity spawn in the world. During the 60 minute run time of the show, the action and energy are constant, as we weave between the young ladies themselves, to their parents, tabloid media broadcasters and a host of other supporting characters.

The show’s creators and cast, Phoebe Borwick and Susannah Smith-Roy are an absolute joy to behold on stage. Switching seamlessly between more than a dozen characters, they employ phenomenal talent with accents and body language (and minimal props) that leave the audience alternately enraptured and in stitches. From the bimbo E! Entertainment-type reporter, to the German psychologist Suri is sent to, and the insanely funny Aussie super-fans stalking Suri and Shiloh, we barely have a chance to catch our breaths between laughs. Add to this some clever costume changes and video footage of Tom Cruise speaking with Borwick providing a live voice-over, and you have some very clever comedy.

Perhaps most impressive of all with Suri v. Shiloh is that it is not simply a string of vignettes and slapstick strung together. This story has a clear plotline that interweaves the various stories and characters that Borwick and Smith-Roy have created and culminates in a clear, satisfying conclusion. It is so clear that the show’s creators are having an absolute ball performing their work too, which imbues the performance with an energy and joie de vivre that you just can’t miss.

Take your friends, take your mum, just go and see this – I promise you’ll love it.

Suri vs Shiloh is on at The Vault at Q Theatre until 14 February.

Reviewed by Natalie Ridler