The Two Farting Sisters Review

The Two Farting Sisters is a funny and entertaining story aimed at kids, but many adults in tonight’s audience were laughing just as much. This kind of show brings out your inner child.

“The tale of a girl whose flatulence causes blossoms to bloom” is beautifully told by the talented Petit Workshop as an inventive and well-crafted puppet show.

The simple set folds out and expands as needed; they use a range of intricate shadow puppets and props, and find many ways to portray farts. There’s also a cat called Phil, who manages to steal the show a few times.

Live music, played by Adam Ogle, provides a soundtrack that blends in perfectly including; guitar, mandolin, keyboard and balloons.

Two Farting Sisters is a great show to see before heading to the Lantern Festival across the road this weekend.

For anyone who likes a magic farts story with a few twists and turns will come out with a big smile on their face.

Reviewed by Dedee Wirjapranata

The Two Farting Sisters is on at the Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre until 7 March.

Performed by Petit Workshop

Written by Renee Liang